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About the School Crest

St. Paul's Sr. Sec. School

A Monogram is the amalgamation of the aims and ideals of a particular organization, be it a Business Establishment or an Educational Institution. It is a concised form of the goals to be achieved.

Our school monogram is also a compendium of a few symbols. The Desert, The Camel, The Sun, The Date Palm, and The Crucifix above symbolize the motto of the school, 'Truth Shall Set You Free', 'SEEK, ENDURE, DISCOVER'.

THE DESERT: Jodhpur is a part of Western Rajasthan and so a part of Thar Desert. It is for the students of this region that St. Paul’s School strives, by imparting high quality education, to turn the parched ground into flowing springs i.e. to provide exemplary physical mental and emotional development of children.

THE CAMEL: It is known as the ‘ship of the desert’. Capable of undertaking long and arduous journeys in adverse conditions. The school inculcates in the students the undying spirit of perseverance and determination, so that they are well prepared to shape their destinies and achieve their goals.

THE DATE PALM: A symbol of hope in a vast stretch of wilderness. St. Paul’s School is also a beacon of hope in this part of Rajasthan. It allures the masses by its dedication, sincere efforts and unrelenting labour.

THE SUN: The source of all life forms on earth, providing its light to the weak and the mighty unabatedly. St. Paul’s School also moulds the students to spread the light of their education not like a small lamp but like the Sun in this vast expanse of arid land or wherever destiny guides them, thereby being knights in shining armour upholding the virtues and ideals of this institution, wherever they go and in whatever they endeavor.

THE CROSS: It Is looked upon as a symbol of salvation and suffering. It is a symbol of suffering and love. It is through suffering alone that we can achieve greatness. Only when a person goes through pain that one attains joy. Only through struggles in life do we meet with success. It is also a symbol of love as Christ stretched out his hand on the cross and gave up his life for mankind, so also in our sufferings we are called upon to love all men and to give our best for them in whatever way we can.

TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE: The motto helps students to focus and have a definite, clear and practical ideal in life by being true in whatever they do. It helps them to develop a steadfast and sincere character encompassing the quality of veracity. Truth is mighty and shall prevail.

SEEK, ENDURE, DISCOVER: The motto embellishes all the qualities this institution is striving to induce in the students. To seek the truth and be righteous and compassionate to learn and be prepared to endure all the hardships of life especially in times of dire needs and to discover one’s own potentially to become self-reliant and self-confident.

St. Paul's School,
Near Shastri Circle,
Shastri Nagar
Jodhpur - 342 003 (Raj.)
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