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Game Tournament for Sub-Juniors (classes I & II)

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Class-wise Game Tournament for Sub-Juniors (classes I & II)

The idiom “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy"
holds true even for our young learners.
Class wise games tournament for Grade I & II were conducted on 4th & 5th August , 2022 and Finals on 6th August , 2022 respectively. The children showcased their skills in a wide range of sports event like *50 metre race, Bag race and Frog race * with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children displayed their growing fine and gross motor skills through the sports activities. Children cheered for their classmates. Kudos to all our little ones whose attitude displayed that competition is not only about winning, but about the spirit of learning and competing for fun and enjoyment too. Winners of the tournament are as follows:-
Class I
Frog race
1st position:- Kulvardhan Rathore (I-A)
2nd position :- Bhavya Solanki (I-B)
3rd position:- Yakshit Singh Daiyya (I-C)

Bag race
1st position:- Vedika Singh Solanki (I-B)
2nd position :- Vihan Mathur (I-C)
3rd position:- Shivansh Dudi (I-B)

50 Meter race
1st position:-Garvita Choudhary (I-A)
2nd position :-Arav Mathur (I-B)
3rd position:-Kaviesh Sharma (I-D)

Class II
Bag race
1st position:- Himadari Soni (II-A)
2nd position :- Suryaveer Singh (II-B)
3rd position:- Afseen Alam (II-C)

Frog race
1st position:- Khushveer Rathore (II-A)
2nd position :-Khushagra Choudhary(II-B)
3rd position:-Madhav Singh Chauhan(II-A)

50 Meter race
1st position:-Rishabh Soni(II-D)
2nd position :-Pratham Barat (II-B)
3rd position:-Saanvi Lalwani(II-B)
A special thanks to our sports mentors Mrs. Amishi Sharma , Mr. Virendra Singh Rathore, Mr. Bheem Singh Rathore and teachers for their support and co-operation in the smooth functioning of the tournament for both the grades.

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